Saturday, June 9, 2007

MPYO camp #2

MPYO camp was over a week ago...soon we will be going back to school...and the torture least for some of us. just jk. =D Mummy droved shulamite and I to camp.hmmm....we left around 12.45pm...wahahaha...i was still packing when shulamite arrived.The place was like deserted when we arrived....hmmm....walked into the main hall...and saw one double-bassist there. We decided to explore the place a bit...and finally we met...tiki,dylan and...erm...a few other members from east-malaysia.
Soon later , well actually half-an-hour later....the rest of the tribe arrived.GOSH! how happy i was to see all of them! u cant blame me! they're great ppl and haven't seen them in 900 years! well actually it was only about a month and a half ago....but it seems like 900 years!

MOVING ON! The place we stayed at this time was....SOOOOOO much better than the last place(UTP)! seriously! although i kindda like being out in the wilderness....we all seemed sooo spaced out for some reason.We had our tribal councils in jia rong and adelyn's was quite a cool room...sooo unfair! it had 2 levels! check this out!

well...this is just the downstairs of the unit but can u see the SPIRAL stairs there!

wahahaha...we weren't gambling...funny tho...kit leong is there...wait...i think we're playing UNO =P

Concert repertoire :
Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade

Saint-Saens' Danse Bacchanale
Tchaikovsky's Elegie
Selections from Les Miserables!!

Les Miserables was awesome!! I'm embarrassed to say that I actually cried listening to the recording yesterday. =D

Bunch of us making noise...hahaha...before the concert

after the concert...having fun? =P

Getting a taste of jia rong's flexibilty!

My 2nd family!!
standing at the back l-r : James,Jebat,Eben
2nd row l-r : David,Adelyn,Jia Rong,Lu Ee,Mabel,Philbert
sitting l-r : Duncan,me,Kit Leong

The Bunch =P

The Tribe!

Jia Rong and I (ex-desk partners...miss u girl!!!)

One thing that should be emphasized the FOOD!!!!

a bunch of happy ppl with delicious lunches...well actually this pic was taken on the 2nd isn't a full picture of what was actually served...=D

That was camp! actually....quite exhausted....I never thought blogging was hard...
**salute** to all those bloggers out there...


adelyn. said...


daydreamer said... saying its hard work and i salute all the really advanced bloggers like urself!!

theadelyn said...

at LEAST you blog! XD

theadelyn said...

OH and it gets easier as time goes by. XD

dylan said...

i had a blog once. it was swallowed by a force called lack of body language

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hello su yin!!!