Monday, July 2, 2007

Things that I have done...

yes, u ppl are probably grabbed by the title...haha...its nothing scandalous...just the things I have done in the past few days when I was sooooo bored...=p

In the past few days.....
I have....watched many movies! ( new and old ones)

The figure skating gimic!

Blades of Glory : Reviewed

Starting off , I wanted to watch this movie mainly because of the cast . And no , im not a fan of Will a
HUGE FAN of Jon Heder. He's soooo hilarious...well shoot me about his versatility and duh-ness, but u gotta admit it's kindda funny. Remember "the Benchwarmers" and "Napoleon Dynamite"? those movies didn't do so well at the box office but the actors really deserve some credit u know.Anyway back to the movie , it's not as sick as u ppl think it is. =p
This movie is about two rivals , Jimmy MacElroy who is a both technically and artistically versatile figure-skating prodigy/daddy's boy...starred by Jon Heder! ( kindda obvious?) the other rival , Chazz Michael Micheals , a sex-addict who believes in improvisation and is labeled "hot sex on ice" in the movie. When both of them become Gold Medalist at the Olympics , sparks fly and BOOM! a fight begins. =p long story short , they both get banned for life in their figure-skating divisions. and yea...they decide to pair up for doubles 3 years later when they find out when they were only banned from their divisions(singles). And "OMG huge surprise"**sarcasm*...they win the doubles division and they lived happily ever after.

Other movies I watched...

The Wedding Planner!
(common , every girl loves this "happily ever after story" =p)

a scene from Miss Congeniality

This show perfectly describes "actors who can dance but not act"

quote: Channing Tatum is

Moving on...

I have also discovered a few virtuoso pieces for violin...=p

Russian Violinist Alexandra Soumm playing Paganini's La molinara!

a young Polish violinist named Krzystof Rucinski playing Paganini's L Palpiti!
( I would post Maxim Vengerov's rendition cos' its much nicer but I can't seem to upload it...oh well...this boy plays it nice as well...=p)

Here's another video which I haven't got bored of even after listening to it for the umpteenth time...haha...enjoy! =p

Presenting Sergey Khachatryan ! (siapa tu?)
He's the winner of the Ysaye Competition in Belgiun...still scratching ur heads?
anyway...he's playing Brahms Sonata no.3 (4th mov)

yeap...things that I have done ...=p


Shivman... said...

Damn spoilers....

daydreamer said...

who are u?

Kit Leong said...

lol indeed who is the shivman..anyway...hei u changed ur background d its pink now i remember it was blue...n yes....even i m scratching my head abt tat guy who won wat ysaye competition in belgium...but i morendo banyak d tats y i blur xD n hei ur learning...i oso tot it was scandalous...ur blog i mean..i love 2 put misleading titles for my blogs as my very 1st blog on was tat misleading or wat xD

yingjieliow said...

hello su yin!!

daydreamer said...

haha...hello ying jie!