Thursday, July 19, 2007

A week that was...

First that tops the list :

HSBC Classics Strings Festival
(10th-14th July 2007)

On the 10th and 11th , most of the mpyo peeps ( lu ee, duncan,jebat,kah yan,anabelle,anthea,and sorry if i left out ur name...i have bad memory! =p) were there to watch the competition. Well , the tribe was mainly there to support the two Js!!!

Jia Rong and James!

Met a few new interesting people there....mostly the contestants and a few other people. The contestants were really really impressive! not to mention sooooo good!!!! especially the winner Elizabeth Tan SuYin who presented the Haydn Cello Concerto in D major that was flawless and most enjoyable!

check out the repertoire!
- Vieuxtemps' Violin Concerto no.5 ( Latifah )
- Dvorak's Cello Concerto ( Kett Chuan )
- Wieniawski's Violin Concerto no.2 ( Jia Rong )
- Haydn's Cello Concerto in D major (Elizabeth)
- Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto op.64 ( Reow Shuen)
- Saint-Saens' Cello Concerto ( James)
- Bruch's Violin Concerto no.1 ( Jae Sern)
- Paganini's Violin Concerto in D major ( Ka Ming)

it was really eye-opening to see MALAYSIANS perform these songs....i mean....PAGANINI'S VIOLIN CONCERTO ppl ! no joke....Ka Ming did quite a good job too! ( and gosh!! those double-stop harmonics...!!!!!! ) but after the semi-finals on the 2nd day...i went home disappointed...ask me if u care to know.

quote by Duncan " ee-yurr...she's tall , dark and handsome" **guess who**

and on the 11th of July, i skipped LEO meeting and was surprised by a phone call after about 5pm.

Ming Hui : Hello .Su Yin?
Su Yin : yea ming hui .wats up?
Ming Hui : errr....u know wat happend at meeting today right?
Su Yin : no...what? ( i was actually lying ..=p)
Ming Hui : there...they announced the new board members for 07/08
Ming Hui : and u know wat su yin got?
Su Yin : which su yin?
Ming Hui : huh?Leo club only got one su yin wat....thereeeee....the Leo Su Yin...
Su Yin : ohhhh....wat did she get?
Ming Hui : COMMUNITY SERVICE DIRECTOR!! community service director!!! soooo happy....
and the next day i got "scolding" from my senior for not coming to shake her hand and "receive" the post. =p
so yeaaaa....apart from my new responsibilty....i also promised myself to practice twice as hard to be as good as the contestants in the competition...

what a week....


Kit Leong said...

wah lame meh?voted some top brass position in leo wor tat doesnt sound lame...doesnt sound scandalous i love 2 say tat.....sounds big la....XD

BohemianStar said...

Lolx. You did a cute pic of us. haha.. Thanks!! :)

daydreamer said...

hahaha...ur welcome! u want it?

dylanlee said...

Hey, you got the leo thing! Congrats!

daydreamer said...

haha.thx! and i just rmbered i left your (dylan) name out ... =p

Yeelian said...

Hey yin yin : )
how you doing , girl ?