Thursday, August 30, 2007

MPYO camp 3 + carbs on the side

The mid-semester break has come and ended in a knick of time as always. Wish it lasted longer...both holidays and MPYO camp! gosh...talking about it now makes me really miss everyone...I MISS U GUYS!

The third camp was a little less happening then usual...spent more time with jia rong and dylan...had late night walks with jia rong and early morning breakfast's with the mean time...the rest of the tribe(Kah Yan,Kit Leong,Jebat,Philbert,Lu Ee,Duncan) spent time gambling! I think in the end...Philbert lost about RM100 and Kit Leong was about RM60 in debt?hmmm...having to buy meals at KLCC is extremely expensive...I practically lived on Bento(thx to dylan getting me addicted to it) and sandwiches(RM10.50 btw!) for lunch or dinner... as for breakfast....i looked forward to my Tater Tots!!

Arrived at the hotel at about 4pm...checked in and hanged out in Kelly's room watching videos on David's MacBook Pro (12k i might add). Walked to Ampang Point later for dinner....spent don't know how long deciding what to eat...finally...decided on Kenny Rogers!!

clockwise : Myles,Jebat,Philbert,Kelly,Me,Dylan

Emo ppl...( Dylan and I ) =p

Kelly and I

The Oh-So-Delicious Kenny Rogers

Other than the food?...hahaha....moving on...the music yes!!
Gala was amazing!!! The feeling of just performing in that MAGNIFICENT really an out-of-this-world experience!and...the Ria wasnt so bad after u get the hang of it...kindda grows on u.quite exciting after a while.

Concert Repertoire :
Ria-Fanfare for Orchestra by Adeline Wong
Unfinished Symphony by Franz Schubert
Serenade For Strings by P.I Tchaikovsky
Danse bacchanale (Samson et Delilah) - Camille Saint-Saens
Scheherazade(1001 Arabian Nights) - Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov


Before the concert:

people l-r : me,Philbert,Jebat,Kit Leong,Jia Rong,Kah Yan,Lu Ee

After the concert :
At the musician's lounge

Did I add that there was a nice park on hotel premises? Had many at was a bit scary only Jia Rong and I...I don't think she was afraid but i WAS! it was 10.30pm-ish! anyone could've jumped out of nowhere!!

The park

The jolly girls singing (Jia Rong and I) =p

Taken by Eben

The Bohemianstar and The Daydreamer

Cried like a mad woman after camp;s has only been a week but it feels like its been a decade since camp!sheesh...can't wait for December tour!!

My beloved aunt and uncle came back from London for like a few days.Ate dinner with them last Thursday,always like being around them,feel so sophisticated.Especially every time my uncle comes back i learn something new.He's really knowledgeable.This time,I learnt about how to make wine and origins and some other mumbo jumbo. Apparently, the reaction between sugar and yeast makes the alcohol...ok...maybe some of u already knew that but i didnt! People mostly use grapes to make wine because it naturally contains sugar whereas if u were to use apples or flower petals u would have to measure the exact amount of sugar so u won't kill the yeast or not let the wine be too sweet. Should've took picture of my uncle's face when he tasted this horrible(as he said) white wine ! I tasted taste good! XD right...he's been drinking wine ever since he was a young boy...he says its good to have two glasses of wine and a piece of dark chocolate everyday fro good health!

The OBE aunt and the knowledgeable uncle

Greens(they didn't taste that good)


Mummy and aunt


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Good blog, like kirai's one!

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My girlfriend's in one of those pictures!!! guess who? lol