Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A series of day dreaming

Recently(well maybe not that recent...last 2 weeks?)...I went for a concert at DFP to watch famed soprano Sumi Jo. GOSH!!TALK ABOUT TALENT!! i was inspired and pretty awed.The funniest part teacher told me about the concert like on the day aunt managed to get a ticket for my mom but not me! guess what...I followed my mom to KLCC hoping to see if i might get lucky enough to get a ticket....but sigh!I didnt!Spent an hour at Tower Records...and 45 minutes phone rings!its my mom saying my aunt has to leave early so i get to use her ticket!! weeeeeee....MPO played danse bacchanale and Sumi Jo sang Les Oiseaux dans la Charmille(doll song) from Tales of Hoffman by Offenbach.It was soooo entertaining! seriously!!managed to get a clip from Youtube of the same piece she sang....with the exact same movements and actions!! well except she sang with the MPO and in this clip,she's singing with piano accompaniment.

the doll song

I spent last weekend at SEGI college performing with a few of my old friends...and new ones for this dialysis center fund charity event.met James,Shulamite,Jebat and Mabel there...gosh havent seen them since camp!! anyway...the main star of the night was FOO MEI YI!! she's pretty cool...=p her Debussy Sonata and Chopin etude "black keys" was freaking impressive!!and she's soooo relaxed and calm when she's playing...those of you who know that Chopin Etude would know that its CRAZY! James and his quartet played Ave Corpus by Mozart and Hungarian dance no.5 by Brahms...its was good but bloody mikes had to spoil the sound...

Mabel and I

my cousin Ashley,Jebat and I


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