Monday, December 31, 2007


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Dvorak String Quartet "American" Op.96,no.12 in F

1st mov.

It is New Year's eve.Exactly 18 days from MPYO tour and 85 days or less till the next camp.That leaves about 50 or less schooling days,argh!I'm very calculative today,just realized there are only 6 violists in the orchestra!and it's really tough looking for one!Perhaps some violinist should branch out to viola playing,because there are sooo few violist in the WORLD(seriously...I wikipedia-ed it and look what I found!...results were interesting)

LOOK! a list of violists!I don't even have to scroll down and there's only 1 page!
I guess I have to admit Viola's a pretty cool instrument.

Compared to Violinists :
Ok...I won't copy and paste the window,because there are a lot of violinists.It's categorized into 9 categories.

1)19th century

2)Post 19th century
3)Notable Pedagogues
(Dorothy DeLay,Carl Flesch,Ivan Galamian,Shinichi Suzuki)
4)Other notable violinists
5)Baroque violinists
(Andrew Manze,Simon Standage,Rachel Podger,Jeanne Lamon)
6)Indian violinists
(extremely long names and will not quote...=p )
7)Middle Eastern
(Aboud Abdel Al,Shajea)
(Johnny Frigo,Billy Bang,Regina Carter,Stuff Smith)
9)Popular fiddlers
(D'arcy{smashing pumpkins},Mark O'Connor,Sharon Corr{the Corrs})

There you have it...the ratio of violinists to violists is a very obvious one.(well maybe in Wikipedia it is)

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